A new show! Loni is pursuing her dream of becoming an artist. An oil painter to the stars. Or at least our powder room walls. Follow along as she learns how to paint at University Art in San Jose.

Loni may have met her match in Lee Hartman, teacher.

I’ve already received complaints about the clashing opening color scheme. The red “ARTIST” and purple “Diaries” do not work well together. We’ll fix that maybe next time. Also, I noticed Loni is into speed painting. In the video you’ll see she demolishes all her fellow students (children) in the time trial single pear, and then is already off to the 3 pear challenge. What drama. The Artist Diaries on StarkSilverCreek.

UPDATE: New color scheme on the opening, better no?

Some day maybe we’ll replace the painting above our fireplace mantel with one of her works?

Let us know how you think Loni is doing!

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