Sail it off the lot and you lose $50M

    maltese200x133Do you remember the uber sailboat, the Maltese Falcon, Tom Perkins was building a few years back?

    A refresher: cost $150M,  length 289 ft. (the longest until a Russian billionaire crushed the record with a 557 ft. “boat”), staff 20. Not to mention all the amenities: gyms, home theaters, VIP suite, Maserati, and, my favorite, a two-man submarine just for the fun of it.

    Ah, yes, the glory days of mega-yachts. For a few years it seemed VCs and tech entrepreneurs (including Larry Ellison) would use the size of their yachts as a measure of, uh, their success. Or ego.

    Now Tom Perkins after only three years of ownership is selling the Maltese Falcon. What’s the used market like these days for mega-yachts and what kind of lease could you get? The Chronicle reported that Perkins used to rent the vessel for $550,000 a week.

    Unfortunately, it looks like all good things must come to an end, and the asking price has been cut about 33% to a reported $100M.

    Next time you’re around the San Francisco Bay Area take a look for its unique three sail design which is stunningly beautiful and according to Perkins, does “recapture the grandeur of clipper ships”

    [Source: SFGate, The Maltese Falcon finds a new owner]

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