It’s another Loreto Bay property management newsletter. So that can only mean one thing. A new look, and a new layout. They really keep us on our toes. This issue is 4 pages, and again, it’s great to see the team there continue to make an effort to share information and updates.

The big news: the first group of homeowners have moved into their Agua Viva neighborhood homes. The latest pioneers include Antonia and Dean B. (AV13) and Greg and SusieĀ A. (AV14). We wish them the best, and look forward to hearing all their stories, trials and tribulations and adventures.

Other highlights in the June newsletter:

    • Hurricane season preparation: the 2009 East Pacific Hurricane Season runs from May 15 to the end of November. A Hurricane Preparedness Committee is in place that monitors storms and has procedures in place to respond to threats. Exterior mounted art and patio furniture are a typical concern as they turn into high velocity, flying objects… something to think about when preparing your home. After a storm, it takes 2 1/2 days to inspect the development and issue reports.
  • Products of the month: fire extinguishers and door stoppers. How many products do they have? Two years of newsletters means anywhere from 12-24 highlighted products…
  • Book exchange program: thanks to Brian Durnian!
  • Meet the team: Rosalio Cortes, oversees engineering department at Loreto Bay.
  • Summer golf package: 18 holes, $550 for home owners (15 rounds) = $37/round!, $700 for Loreto residents (10 rounds) = $70/round

To download the full PDF June newsletter, click here to visit the Loreto Bay Newsletters page.

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