signon-san-diego-logoWith stories of Iran, Obama, and summer festivals flashing across mainstream media, there is little real attention placed on all that is happening in our beloved little town of Loreto and the Loreto Bay development.

I’m not surprised. To us, it may mean everything, or at least a lot — maybe even a dream. To many others it’s just another struggling Baja real estate project caught in the economic tsunami.

Geographically speaking, it makes sense that the Union-Tribune of San Diego, a fine publication by any measure (don’t quote me on that, this is the first article I’ve ever read published by it), would be the first to put fingers to keyboard about TSD ceasing operations (aka Loreto Bay Company, a unit or entity related to mothership CitiBank).

Between covering all the latest Mexican drug dealings, stabbings, and presumably Swine Flu, the Union-Tribune of San Diego found a few minutes to profile the resort development and real estate.

Our neighbor and Club Loreto Bay friend, Brian Durnian, lends a familiar face to the reporting, “I love it down there.” Well said Brian! We agree.

There is nothing new in the article that Loreto Bay home owners anxiously following the developments day-by-day on the social networks and blogs, won’t already know.

Beck, a construction firm out of Texas, submitted a bid today for buyers of unfinished homes to consider in order to complete, albeit at a reduced level of amenities, their homes.

Link to the article: Southern Baja resort project falls victim to financial woes

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