Loni forwarded an email to me the other day about this new app available for the iPhone. It connects in to your solar system and enables you to track energy production on the fly, and on the go. I like it! Too bad I don’t have an iPhone. I’m a BlackBerry guy. For now.

We’ve had our SunPower solar system installed for over a year and couldn’t be happier.

Each day, the California sun takes the sting (sometimes completely) out of not only our utility bill, but also the environmental impact of our footprint on this earth. A bonus is the discrete installation. You can hardly tell it’s on our roof.

In terms of maintenance about the only thing I need to do twice a year is hose the panels down to remove built up dirt and grime. It would be better if I could get up there with a cloth and sponge. But the risk (entertainment to some)! Are you kidding? I’m quite nervous already at heights, let alone tip-toeing across clay tiles with a squeegee and spray bottle in hand. I’m sure, though, Loni would think it would make for a good video blog entry. Thanks, but I’m quite happy to “super hose” it from 20 ft using an extension kit and turbo nozzle.

Later last year Horizon Energy Systems generously included us on their Internet beta program. Now we can track everything from a Web browser anywhere in the world (say, like Loreto, or Vancouver, or Ottawa!).

This iPhone application of course takes it one step further, and puts a colorful little bar graph right into your hands. It’s almost as if you can control the sun. Or at least, have yet another excuse to demo your iPhone for your jealous BlackBerry buddies.

Below is the text of the email, plus the link to the App store for those with both a SunPower system and iPhone.

Introducing a new SunPower® Monitoring application for iPhone™ and iPod touch® mobile devices. A free download is now available for registered users of SunPower Monitoring.

Empowering you to manage your energy

You can now access a free application for your iPhone or iPod touch device using your same username and password as on sunpowermonitor.com.

Now you can keep track of your home’s energy information wherever you are. As a proud producer of renewable energy, you’ll also be able to share your solar experience with friends and spread the word about smart energy management!

To download now, click on the icon below or search for SunPower on the App Store from your iPhone, iPod touch or iTunes® platform. Enter your username and password from sunpowermonitor.com to watch your solar system in action!


Clinton Stark
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