tim-burton-treeI tweeted (@clintonstark) yesterday that I was annoyed the landscapers cut back one of our frontyard trees too far, too late. Now Loni and I watch everyday for signs of life… will it all of a sudden come to life? Or is it a goner.

In previous years, it has been pruned earlier in the season, around late January or early February. This year for some reason they waited until April.

Although when I think back, I wonder if I go through this paranoia every year, only to be relieved when months later the tree is absolutely huge. I’m a gardening neophyte (diligently following Loni’s instructions when needed) so I expect many of you will know better.

Meantime, I fret, staring at it in the morning with a coffee, and in the evening with wine. Will it survive, or will it too succumb to the recession?

PS – unrelated side note. I heard someone today use the expression “AG” as in “All Good”… and this was in a supposedly professional Silicon Valley office and meeting… please don’t tell me this is a new catch phrase that will inexplicably catch on like “cool beans”?