2007 Caves des Perrières Sauvignon Blanc, Pouilly-Fumé

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VERDICT: "Alrighty then"
France, Pouilly-Fumé
Sauvignon Blanc, 12.5% alc.
Review by Clinton Stark

This white wine is a change-up indeed. Dry. Nutty. Lots of minerals. It’s about as far away from my tried-and-true Chateau Ste. Michelle as any wine can be. Of course, that comparison is not completely fair, since this is a French Sauvignon Blanc, and the other a semi-sweet Riesling.

From Wikipedia: Pouilly-Fumé is an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) for dry white wine from the Loire Valley wine-producing region of France. 

The winery is Caves des Perrières. And despite all the colorful French accents, this wine is available today at your local Trader Joe’s for only $9.99.

Common characteristics include “smoky” flavors and “minerality”, both of which were prevalent in this challenging example. But it grew on me over the few days I tasted it. A match with spicy foods, like curry, it is definitely not.

However, for those who enjoy dry wines with a strong structure and without the herbaceousness (new word?)—flowery—flavors normally associated with Sauvignon Blanc, might want to give this one a spin. At the very least you’ll likely experience something new and different.

pouilly-fume-2007-caves-des-perrieres-1One of the many joys of wine is experiencing the nuances across regions and countries. I think this Pouilly Fumé is a perfect example. You would not come across something like this in a Napa tasting room. 

The nose and flavors are distinctively nutty. Hazel nut and almonds tones dominate. Loni agreed. The minerality as mentioned is also pronounced so it can cause a bit of an, “oh! qu’est que c’est?” reaction. Over the next hour or so though I become grew accustomed to it.

So in the end I say give it a shot. But fair warning: if you don’t like dry, mineral like wines please avoid it, and seek the nearest herbaceous California Sauvingon Blanc. If you’re in the mood for something new, give it a shot. Think of it as an old French friend. Amusing at times with the accent and cute stories, but a tad obnoxious over the long-term.

Clinton Stark
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