31 flavors. Are you kidding me? It seems like the family-run La Michoacana has 31,000. Or slightly less. Regardless, watch Orlando here rhyme off some of the flavors from the top of his head. Impressive. This is definitely one of our favorite stops each visit, sometimes multiple times on the same day. How can you go wrong for a dollar, especially when everything is freshly made in-house.

If you’ve ever visited Loreto, chances are you’ve been to Michoacana. If you haven’t it’s a must.

As usual if you’re interested in my behind the scenes comments (including a soundtrack disclaimer), read on, otherwise enjoy ice cream nirvana, and thanks to Orlando and the always friendly staff.

First: soundtrack warning! I have a lack of authentic royalty free Baja/Mexican music on my computer. So I now need to dig through my old 80s stuff and the results are going to get worse, before they get better. Synth keyboards, drum machines. Everything but the 80s hair. I probably could not find more ill-fitting music to this video. So if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears…

I like the way Loni holds the Popsicle throughout, even using it to point occasionally. And when she was not on camera during the interview she continued to eat away. Yes the stuff at Michoacana is addictive.

Also, one of my favorite off-the-cuff Loni quotes, near end: “Water. Mother nature’s greatest invention.”

And how about “cucumber with chili” as one of the flavors. Has anyone dared to try that? Me, I stick with the basics like chocolate chip, cookies and cream. Yes, I know, how pedestrian.

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