'Loreto Live' Podcast Series on iTunesPorto_bello_new3-1Hot off the iTunes presses… we just finished a savory conversation with Porto Bello Restaurant. Fair warning, if you’re hungry be prepared to salivate as Pedro Lopez discusses the food served including steaks, seafood, shish kebab, and more.

Also, Pedro describes some of the area’s amenities, and what to expect when you take the 8 minute drive from Loreto Bay to Puerto Escondido.

'Loreto Live' Podcast Series on iTunes
LORETO LIVE #5 – Porto Bello Restaurant in Puerto Escondido

Pedro Lopez
Director General
Terraza para eventos hasta para 200 personas
Bodas, 15 AÑ0S
Super Deli, Jacuzzi, Alberca Regaderas, Gasolineria, Internet, Lavanderia
Marina Singlar, Club De Yates
Pto. Escondido, Loreto B.C.S. México
Reservaciones: 613.1318001/02 Y 03

Chimenea Porto Bello Rest-1

Fotos terraza PortoBello-1

Ocean View front Porto Bello Restaurant-1