La-Mision_Loreto La Mision on the Malecon in Loreto, BCS has garnered a fair amount of interest over the past months. Undoubtedly, it will transform the Malecon, with Spanish style rooms adorned with arched balconies overlooking a courtyard pool, juxtaposed against the stunning Sea of Cortes.

Loni had a chance to catch up with Ricardo Orozco, project director at La Mision. The conversation was interesting with a few surprises in store for those tracking new developments in Loreto and the region.

Key highlights of this episode of the “Loreto Live” podcast series:

  • About La Mision Hotel in Loreto along the Malecon
  • The new development also happening about 30km south of Loreto airport
  • Ownership information

LORETO LIVE – La Mision Loreto Hotel and Villages Development


Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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