I thought I would revisit the progress of La Mision Hotel, Loreto since our last blog update (La Mision Hotel, Loreto Baja: Mission Impossible) and podcast interview with the project director, Ricardo, at La Mision ('Loreto Live' Podcast #4: La Mision Loreto Hotel and Development).

Checking out their website, I noticed a couple of changes.

Firstly, the earliest one can book a room is now December 4. This is not a surprise from the state of construction we saw at the end of November. I am still excited to see the end result of this construction feat.

Secondly, they are now offering the ability to book vacation packages from their website. I entered a couple of parameters: checking in Dec. 11, checking out Dec 14, 2 adults just to see the results.

For those on the ground, StarkSilverCreek would be interested in any photos of the actual progress. The La Mision Hotel has good realistic renderings of what the property will look like when completed.

La Mision Vacation Package 11-28-2008 9-30-18 AM

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