If you’re like a lot of people I know, chances are you’ve been holding off on a purchase or two over the past few months in anticipation of Black Friday, the biggest shopping discount day of the year in the US.

And hopefully you have spent plenty of time on Google getting your web sites, and coupons in order.

Whether it’s a camera, laptop, clothes, video game system, or cookware, this Friday has traditionally been one of the best days to get a deal.

I’ve saved you some leg work, and put together a cheat sheet with the best Black Friday web sites. Read on to learn where to save…

Although, given the economy, I wonder what measures retails will take after Black Friday? Knowing the crowds will be much smaller, and with the programmed awareness of Black Friday gone, will they be even more desperate? Perhaps they will be, and this year will be different. It’s hard to say.

So I now present to you the best of my knowledge on BF 2008. I’m certain many of you have even more web sites and information… it’s the way of the Web I suppose. Happy deal making! And Happy Thanksgiving!



A good one stop shop for all things related to coupons, news and deals. Easy to find ads by store.


Similar to BlackFriday.info. Good for cross-checking on price points and store ads though.


Not a dedicated Black Friday site, but an excellent year round deal site. Well organized. Aggregates deals from over 12 other deal sites.

Amazon.com Black Friday Sale Section

I’m not sure how good the Amazon sale will be, but it’s worth tracking, as Amazon does have aggressive mark-downs from time to time, including their “Gold Box” hourly deals which are very good.


Always one of my favorites. I like the way they organize by tech category. This one of course is for those interested in electronics and gadgets only.


Probably the biggest and most well known coupon site. I like the forums so you can hear from others about deals, stacking coupons, and potential issues. They have a special Black Friday ’08 section.

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