The Loreto Bay golf course showcases panoramic vistas.

And I thought keeping the grass in the frontyard green was tough!

Imagine the challenge of seeding, nuturing, greening and then maintaining a championship level 18 hole course. Now put that course in the middle of a desert and you’re difficulty level just entered olympic calibre extreme territory. Such is the daunting challenge facing the people working hard to bring a green golf oasis to Loreto Bay.

On my last visit, I was impressed with the work that had been done on the front 9. The grass had seeded nicely, and appears to be maintaining well, although time will tell. Issues such as salt water splash, extremely dry heat with lack of rainfall and proximity to infrastructure such as water reserves are just a few that come to my mind, and I’m sure there are several others.

The course we live on here in San Jose, The Ranch on Silver Creek, may well be the exact opposite in terms of elevation and terrain. Our course is wickedly hilly and sloped. In fact, I understand it’s the most difficult course in Northern California. Although offering dramatic views of downtown San Jose (and all the way to San Francisco on a clear day), it sometimes feels a bit like target practice. Take a look at the photos below to see what I mean.

The Loreto Bay course looks like it will be ideal for golfers of all types, with

Pebble Beach-like views and drama. On the one side is the Sea of Cortes and on the other the striking Sierra de la Giganta mountain range running the Baja spine.

The front 9 is now open to limited play and an email from LBC recently offered a $500 package deal (“Summer Golf Passport Special”) for ten rounds. There is also a Friday scramble special for $55.

The July homeowner’s update indicated that holes 1, 7, 8 and 9 have been seeded. Holes 5 and 6 would be seeded in the next few weeks.

The rates themselves are reasonable considering the calibre of the course and the costs associated with maintenance. In fact they’re cheaper than our rates for The Ranch in San Jose.

I am excited about the progress on the course, and can’t wait to enjoy the finished product. Not only is the golf course a critical need to provide visitors an activity (along with the upcoming beach club), it provides a spectacular magazine-quality aesthetic which will hopefully have people buzzing even more about Loreto Bay.

If you spray it (a lot), it will grow.

A unique combination: the Sierra de la Giganta, golf course and desert.

Seeding the course in front of custom homes.

Sand today, grass tomorrow.

I took this shot from the 4th floor of Posada norte.

Another perspective.

Action in the sand trap.

A closeup of the seeding process in action.

A dramatic view from the Sea of Cortes.

Carting over the bridge.

The Ranch on Silver Creek golf course in San Jose where we live. Challenging, but great views of Silicon Valley.

Golf or target practice? Bring lots of balls!

Downtown San Jose in the distance with views to San Francisco and the Bay on clear days.

You can see famous Highway 101 to the right bisecting the Silicon Valley peninsula and offering plenty of parking for tens of thousands of cars each morning.

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