Loreto Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Calling growth in Loreto a “cinderella story of sorts”, NuWire Investor has ranked Loreto as the number one place to invest in Mexico. Rounding out the list are Merida, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Oaxaca.

It’s encouraging to see increasing attention paid to Loreto as it will only lead to more buyers, improved infrastructure and increased amenities. Hopefully it will also lead to a great place to vacation or call home. And, of course, it will mean our investments should do well in our Loreto Bay homes. After all we did take significant risk.

I remember visiting the Loreto Bay development in 2006 and looking across barren land of just sand and grass trying to imagine the realized vision of the development: villas, a PGA golf course, beach house, walking paths and gardens, shops along the pasadeo, and a vibrant community of home owners, vacationers, and water adventure seekers.

With the construction progress we are now witnessing in Aqua Viva along with the golf course renovation (which is turning out beautifully), every month is a step towards the realization of not only our home, but a wonderful new community.

Nuwire_weblogo_2 As a result of the enormous amount of investment dedicated to Loreto’s development, the small fishing village—home to just 14,000—is now regarded as an up-and-coming tourist hotspot, following the lead of popular tourist destinations such as Cancun and Ixtapa.

I hadn’t heard of NuWire before. A quick visit to their web site to read the article and learn more about them revealed that they focus on the “alternative investment marketplace” meaning real estate, commodities, franchises, etc. Given how volatile the stock market has been these days, it might not be a bad idea as a secondary information source. I’m not sure, will have to keep on eye on it.

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With so much activity in Loreto Bay, Loni and I are planning a trip there shortly and look forward to sharing more pictures, video and stories. It’s an exciting time to invest in Baja!

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