Strolling along the main street in Loreto Bay, Loni and I had a chance to visit the new art gallery called Cree. It is run by Jason Zickler who also runs a gallery back home in Indianapolis (Jason Zickler Studio). His works use acrylic and oil on canvas. It’s great to see Jason open a gallery here in Loreto Bay and we wish him tremendous success. Click on the video below for Loni’s quick tour.

From Jason’s bio:

“Currently I am pursuing my PhD degree in the field of Informatics which studies the impact technology has on people as a society and as individuals. Much in the same way we use Informatics to analyze the relationship of humans and information technology; in my art I am deconstructing the relationship between people and art by studying the basic elements of design such as shape, color, texture, value and size.”

For more information:
Cree Art Gallery
todos los colores
Jason C. Zickler

Cree1_2 Cree2Cree4

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