Blackberry8700c_1 RIM continues to pump out great products. The latest is the BlackBerry 8700, a nice evolution of design that includes a full-size keyboard in a slim, compact package. My previous BB was the 7100 which was more phone, less email; relying on “suretype” and a limited keyboard with two letters per key. It was time consuming and difficult to write emails. This new one has a full blown keyboard, albeit with tiny keys that can make it tricky at times to hit the right key. Still, it’s light years ahead of the previous design.

The screen is beautiful: bright, crisp and self-adjusting to light conditions. Add to that bluetooth, instant messaging, fast browsing with EDGE network support, and many third party applications like Google Local, Amazon shopping, JiveSlide (for photo viewing Yahoo/Flickr), and you have a productive on-the-go device.

My nit picks are minor.

I would prefer to have a separate inbox for work and personal. Right now, all messages land in one inbox. The keyboard and overall case design does feel slightly flimsy and perhaps not as solid as previous BBs. But it’s not a deal breaker.

The smartphone market is really heating up. Microsoft, Nokia, Sony and others are marching in hard. RIM will have to continue to respond fast and aggressively to this competition. For now, at least, it’s good to see our Canadian friends continue to release first class products.

Corporate road warriors rejoice: the 8700 is your new best friend, so long laptop.

RIM BlackBerry 8700c
Rating: A

Clinton Stark
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