The fun thing about the web is the connections (often the unlikeliest) that you can make. Be it by accident, by google, or by karma, it seems we are able to connect easier with people across the world.

I’ve had many people write to me over the years, thanks to this site (now blog). Some I know, some I don’t. Strangers from Europe, old friends, former work colleagues, nerf hockey players from Ottawa (80s memories!), and interesting anonymous letters.

Last week I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Harvey Schachter. Harvey writes business book reviews in The Globe & Mail every Wednesday.

He had stumbled across an entry I had made in another blog I used to run on weekends for fun called ‘The Best Business Books’ (

The entry in question was a reference I made to Harvey’s picks for top 10 business books of 2005, here:

From: “Harvey Schachter” <>
Subject: Best Books In The Globe and Mail
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 11:47:02 -0500

Actually, just noticed the reference to my article in your blog, and in my list of top ten business books of the year for The Globe and Mail, I had Marcus Buckingham as number 1 — The One Thing You Need To Know. The confusion may have come from the intro, although the Globe when it edited the attached version did put a #1 beside that book.
Your reference to The Globe suggest you see it regularly. If not, I generally review two business books every Wednesday, and pick the best from that 100 at the end of the year.


Anyways, just thought I’d share that with you. Nothing more than to say the internet (and in large part Google) can broker relationships, connections, and communication in so many new ways. Now if I only had the time to turn into a real business. Anyone want to buy it?

Clinton Stark
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