What Do You Drink in the Morning?

    One of the trends I've noticed recently is the growth of the 'single serve' coffee market. Senseo (by Philips) was the first to make a...

    One of the trends I’ve noticed recently is the growth of the ‘single serve’ coffee market. Gadget meets practicality. In fact, there are even web sites and blogs that cover this topic:

    Still, my favorite remains a good espresso first thing in the morning. Also great for late night working sessions. Courtesy of the Pasquini Livia 90 espresso machine.

    For Music ~ Puccini

    For Art ~ Bernini ~ For

    Espresso ~ Pasquini

    Takes a little more effort than a single serve machine, but it’s worth it. Beans of choice for now are Illy. But I also enjoy Trader Joe’s selections. After 10am though, it’s the real drink of champions: Diet Coke.