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A riveting, emotional behind-the-scenes look at video game development (must see)

Indie video games, priced from $10-20 on WiiWare, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, don't generate Halo money, but a top-seller can still make its creators multi-millionaires in a matter of weeks after launch.

DSLR Dilemma: Canon EOS 60D or new full-frame EOS 6D?

Just how I contemplated upgrading to a 5D Mark II (and then the Mark III) I realize that the benefits over something like the EOS 60D probably don't warrant the incremental outlay.

DSLR Dilemma: Canon Rebel T4i or EOS 60D?

For many, the T4i is clearly the better choice. And it's $100 less expensive to boot!

New Moon on Monday

Can super processing save the super moon?
Mirrorless vs DSLR

Are DSLRs dead?

The debate rages online. In a popular episode of DigitalRevTV, host Kai W says that "2011 really was the year of the mirrorless camera."
a57 vs. 60D

Sony Alpha a57 DSLR: Does it crush the Canon EOS 60D?

The a57 can shoot much faster than my EOS 60D: 10 fps. vs. 5.3 fps. Ouch, that's a big difference. Should I dump the 60D in favor of the a57?
DSLR Video

DSLR Filmmaking: 3 Tips for Shooting Better Video

Audio is just as important as the footage. So at minimum buy a Rode Videomic (I have one on my Canon EOS 60D about 95% of the time), or if your budget allows, step up to the Rode NTG-1.
Show with Canon EOS 60D DSLR

Baja Sunset – Canon EOS 60D Time-lapse (Video)

Because I'm on the road and away from the i7/Premiere Pro studio I grudgingly had to use iMovie on my MBP 13 to cut the thing together. This, as many will know, is an exercise in futility. iMovie brings the Mac to its knees.
Canon DSLR announcement, news

Stunning: Canon EOS 5D Mark III arrives in style (photos)

Net-net: it sounds wonderful. Yet I still dream of EPIC to tell you the truth. My 60D is still an amazing workhorse, though I could use better low-light performance when it comes to video.
DSLR photos

Revealed: Canon EOS 5D Mark III (photos)

The 5D Mark III specs are almost -- almost -- enough to make me stand next to the Grape Crusher in Napa and scream out, "Epic who?!"