Verizon Galaxy Nexus: Latest reviews, release date mystery

But, this time, I say wait for the NEXUS II, coming February 30. Quad core processor. NFC 2.0. 5-inch 4K screen. Confirmed... well, wait a sec, let's wait to see what micdawg has to say about that.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus - when will it ship?
Samsung Galaxy Nexus - when will it ship?
Samsung Galaxy Nexus - when will it ship?
Samsung Galaxy Nexus - when will it ship?

I’m normally not one for rumor-mongering. Well, do as I say not as I do; my last tech post was exactly that: a rumor about the potential release of a 15-inch MacBook Air in Q1 2012. Will it happen? Likely, but it’s a rumor. Verizon’s upcoming flagship Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (formerly “Prime” now known simply as Snuffleupagus), takes the cake for 2011 most hyped, most mysterious product launch. Hundreds of thousands of us Android upgraders coming off contract are teething for ever scant morsels of information related to Nexus. The phone itself is less a mystery–there are numerous reviews, hands-on videos, and it’s been available in the UK for several weeks now–than the actual availability on Verizon.

The magician and the Three Stooges

Unlike Apple who carefully crafts buzz with a combination of mystery (“And one more thing…”) and excitement (“Siri!”), Google/Samsung/Verizon make for a bit of rag-tag team when it comes to the art of the launch. Call them the Three Stooges.

The money would say that an unclear launch date would fuel the Twitter fire; create an endless stream of articles pontificating a launch date; and make the Android army drool to no end. Nexus US launch has achieved all of those questionable objectives.

In the meantime the tech press have circled its prey–us, poor, starved OG Moto Droids–with one headline stunt after another, all in an effort for pageviews. Case in point: Computerworld, who “confirmed” that pre-orders would begin today. Mystery solved! Their “credible” source for the information? micdawg. He got first-hand information directly from a Verizon customer service rep that Nexus pre-orders would begin today (Nov 29) with shipments beginning next week on Dec 8. Confirmed. Oops. Just like an apocalyptic prediction CW changed its story (and headline) when all of it turned out to be hearsay. What?! But micdawg said so. (to be fair, even the Washington Post was jumping on the Nov 29th pre-order bandwagon)

Regardless, the review parade marches on

Laptopmag (via MSNBC) calls Nexus “the one to beat”. Interestingly they call the screen “big and beautiful,” a sentiment that some reviews contradict. Ice Cream Sandwich a big step forward, and though they prefer the design “slimmer and sturdier” Motorola Droid RAZR, conclude the Nexus offers the best combination of hardware and software. Regarding the black and white elephant in the room: “The Galaxy Nexus beats the iPhone 4S when it comes to multitasking.”

GigaOM posted a controversial review of the Nexus from an iPhone owner’s perspective: “I still believe the iPhone 4S is the superior device.” The comments are predictably stocked with fanboy hubris and, of course, are therefore good, cheap entertainment- though a witticism or two shy of achieving the greatness of negative Yelp reviews.

and the Android upgrade dilemma continues…

I need a great smartphone that can last at least 18 months, in terms of performance. Moto Droid has aged well, but is slow as slow–yet I’m still amazed when Google Maps Nav is guiding us up to Napa, while music is streaming flawlessly via Google Music, and we can still check Yelp or Gmail.

Narrowing the field was easy, it would be HTC Rezound, or Motorola Droid RAZR, or Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Each flagship model, released just in time for the upgrade cycle of us firstgen pioneers, held and advantage; Beats Audio, thinness, and ICS, respectively.

Wait for NEXUS II coming February 30

Although, like a lot of you, I anointed Nexus as the lead horse, and began the great wait, lately I’ve become bored with the whole deal. My guess: An uber-uber 2012 handset is just around the corner. In January, maybe February. It will make all of this discussion, and endless dissection of specs (and comparison charts) seem droll. How very droll. Waiting is not exactly in vogue. Buying the latest, greatest is the Great American way. But, this time, I say wait for the NEXUS II, coming February 30. Quad core processor. NFC 2.0. 5-inch 4K screen. Confirmed… well, wait a sec, let’s wait to see what micdawg has to say about that.

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  • theWUbear

    Ladies and gentlemen, I propose we take action.  We all know the issue here is Verizon’s treatment of customers by COMPLETELY leaving us in the dark.  I have called three verizon stores and been told nothing.  I suggest that every single person reading this calls their local verizon store and asks about the status of the galaxy nexus.  Clogging up the verizon store phones with questions will relay our demand for knowledge to corporate HQ. I hope you all agree with me.

  • Vmamoroso

    Wow, you really should sharpen up your critical reading skills.
    Laptopmag did not say it preferred the Droid RAZR to the Nexus. They clearly said that the Nexus was a better combination of hardware and software, which is why they called it the Android phone to beat:”We prefer the slimmer and sturdier design of the Motorola Droid RAZR, but overall the Nexus offers the best combination of hardware and software.” 

  • I’m almost to the point where I have to give up on a release date for the Galaxy Nexus and just patiently wait to see what comes in early 2012.

    • @facebook-1115525439:disqus Exactly my thoughts. Some great ICS kit is no doubt just around the corner. I would hope HTC would come out with something thinner than the Rezound. And any second I’m sure Nokia will shock us all with an amazing Android device :)

      • Anonymous

        I am pretty confident we won’t see a Nokia android device.  Unless there’s something I missed, the head of that company is a former Microsoft employee and has very close ties to Ballmer.  Hence the reason they went with WinPhone7.

        I did like someone else’s comment in regards to that move:  Two turkeys added together does not equal an eagle.  (Nokia chose the wrong horse to back).

  • Gary

    Has there been extra days added to the month of February that have not been announced to everybody?  Just trying to figure out how the Nexus II is going to be released February 30.  Sounds like an even longer wait than for the Nexus.

    • Spartacus

      Everyone knows that every 17th February has a 30th day.

  • Anonymous

    The problem underlying all of this stuff is the fact that Verizon knows it can do basically what it pleases since it is the only significant-sized provider in the U.S. to provide consistently reliable service.  You can threaten to go to Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile and you can pay less for their service but you will not get the same level of reception etc as Verizon offers in most sections of the country.  Verizon understands the power they have and they act accordingly.  They have an exclusive on the Razr and they apparently are going to take their sweet time before releasing the new Samsung phone.  Dictators rarely take suggestions on how to rule.

  • Alisonpaigexx

    February only has 28 days..

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  • Neamerjell

    This is all just a mechanism for generating demand. Announce a product, float some rumors, then keep tabs on the buzz it generates. Once demand has gone high enough for your liking, release the product and sell out of it that day. Guaranteed profit! Never again be unsure if a product will be successful or a flop.

  • Bill Z

    Bought a Rezound a week ago..  So far I’m extremely happy with it.  I will say this, there’s an advantage to the Nexus in that you don’t get the crapware loaded with it such as the Blockbuster app that I will never use.  The Razr will have this issue as well.  I can still return it if the Nexus ever ships. 

    I see a lot of comments on how thin the razr is.  Did any of you actually go pick one up and hold it in your hand?  I did.  It’s just not a comfortable feeling.  The Rezound just feels a lot better to hold and work with.  I’m ok with the thickness and the weight.  It feels like a solid piece of kit.  The Nexus feels like a plastic fake display model.  I know it’s sturdy and rugged based on it’s materials, I know it’s not going to be fragile or break in my head but that’s not how it feels when you hold it in your hand.  Not a fan of the shape either, it’s not a good feeling.  

    As far as the Rezound goes.  The screen looks fabulous.  Performance is good.  I’m loving google navigation far more than my tomtom gps.   Pictures look great, videos get a wow when I show them to people.  HTC’s sense interface does nothing for me.  Take it or leave it.  I’m interested to see this phone with ICS on it.  At the rate Samsung is going, I may see that before the Galaxy Nexus ships.  The lack of an SD card slot bothers me.  It shouldn’t because my last phone had one and I never used it.  I probably wouldn’t need it with a 32GB Nexus either, but the fact that it’s not there just bothers me.  Not enough to say I wouldn’t buy it, but just something to note.

      I will give the Nexus a looksee if it comes out soon.  I’m a very big believer in how it feels.  It’s a big phone.  If it’s got great specs but is awkward, it’s not going to be enjoyable to use.  My advice to anyone looking to buy any of the three:  Go to a store that has live working models.  Put them in your hand and use it for a few minutes.  Forget the reviews.  They are all good phones, and you’ll be happy with any of them.  Hold it, take some pictures, type on the virtual keyboard to see how well you can manage the size/shape in both portrait and landscape.  That’s far more important than the rest of the issues being discussed here.

    • EJ

      …..or maybe you DO get the crapware with Verizon, lol, they give crap, and they take away NFT. Gotta love Big Red. I’m enjoying my Rezound.

  • Bill Z

    I should clarify that post.  When I was talking about the lack of an SD slot I was referring to the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Ojfoxxer

    I believe Verizon actually this phone to fail in the US. They’re holding back a bleeding edge phone, releasing it after father razr and possibly the same day as the Droid 4

  • Anonymous

    Storming Verizon with phone calls won’t work … it will only frustrate people who need to get through to complain about something else. Verizon doesn’t care about US. Focus – they don’t care.

    Big Red only wants you to sweat it out while they sell more Razrs and Rezounds – it’s a business after all. Just hang in there, February 30th is coming – well it’ll be a cold day in hell when it does but we’ll still be waiting for the Nexus anyway.


    I bought my Rezound and I live it forget NEVERUX

  • You gave away your punchline in the subtitle to the post.