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A Hitchcock classic: “That’s funny… that plane’s dusting crops where there ain’t no crops!”

In the middle of nowhere and chased by unknown foes, Cary Grant still manages to maintain GQ form with classic, well pressed suit and tie, while dashing through corn fields.

Sauvignon Blanc: You say BLAHNK, I (and the rest of the world) say BLAHN

Some times little things make me wonder. Take, for instance, an innocent, grassy wine like Sauvignon Blanc. It's a simple pleasure, and enjoyed in most parts of the world. So why then the controversy? Well it seems the pronunciation of the word Blanc has somehow become Americanized to the point...

5 Things you can do now to improve the world just a little bit

Most of the time I see the glass half full. Other times I rail against irrational, annoying human behavior that seems to rear it's head on a regular basis. Or maybe I'm just in one of those moods. Shrug it off. Think positive. So here are the little things...

Cocktail Heaven in Loreto

The saying "don't blink or you'll miss it" truly applies to Hotel Luna & Eclipse Bar

One word: Plastics

Perhaps one of the best catch-phrases of all time, created even before the concept of a catch-phrase existed. The Graduate is a timeless classic I never tire of; from Dustin Hoffman's aimless drifting to the famous soundtrack, it's just so darn entertaining. WATCH: The Graduate "One Word: Plastics"

Buy it Now! Is California’s next savior the garage sale queen?

You have to hand it to Meg Whitman. Where most people saw old hats, used lingerie and moth-ball wigs, she envisioned a multi-billion dollar juggernaut called eBay. Who knew people would become so smitten with an online garage sale? Next broken subject: California. It turned out the Terminator did manage to...

How To: Hold a Loreto style Clam Bake

The next step is to place the clams, wide side down in the gravel, tightly spaced together.

Visiting Artist for Whale Mural to Benefit GEA

All the way from Maine, artist Carla Sanders has been diligently working on a large painted mural to be placed in the new visitor center for Grupo Ecologista Antares, the ecology organization that helped create the Bay of Loreto National Marine Park. Carla even extended her trip to ensure...

Boat trip on the El Don

  (This is a guest post emailed to To read how you can too, check out the StarkSilverCreek contest guidelines here.) I thought your readers might enjoy a few images of the boat ride aboard the "El Don", a 65 ft Hatteras cruiser chartered by the JW Marriott Residences Loreto team on...

Whale of an appetite! In our own back yard.

(This is a guest post To read how you can too, check out the StarkSilverCreek contest guidelines here.) Ever watch a whale feed? We had quite the treat watching a Fin whale feed this week, just about two miles out in front of the Loreto Bay development two days ago. The sea was...