Monica Turner

Monica is the PR contact for Stark Insider, and helps with calendaring, coordinating SI video shoots, and assisting with inquiries. monica (at)
XoX Truffles North Beach San Francisco

Adventurous XOX Truffles in San Francisco’s North Beach

XOX has been featured on Food Network, OpenRoad.TV, Bay Cafe... and, now, Stark Insider ... ha, they thought business was good before!?

Loni’s future revealed! ChakraTron evaluates her Aura thanks to Burning Man

I should have known this. When you're trying to assimilate someone's aura, it's all about the HypKnowTron. Before you get too excited, and go out to buy one, keep in mind it also helps if you also have lots of flashing lights, computer chips and a Burning Man pedigree....

The Great American Wait, Part 2: Waiting for food (Video)

This is definitely what we'd call here in the Valley a "Beta" product.

Loreto Bay Marine Park management completes its second round of community feedback

Ana Salceda is the Director of Communications for the process to examine and revise Loreto Bay National Marine Park’s management plan. The Loreto Bay National Marine Park is located in the Sea of Cortez midway down the Baja Mexico peninsula. Attached please find the summary of the second sectorial meetings...

San Jose Street Art: Robotic Orbs swarm the streets! (Video)

This is not an alien invasion. Repeat: we are not being attacked by robots from outer space! Don't panic. This is a clever art project called "Orb Swarm" exhibited on the streets of San Jose during the SubZERO techno-art mashup Festival. Learn how long it took to make these orbs,...

Things to do Bay Area: The Great American Food & Music Fest

If you like food and music this is your kind of weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area. Better than an Emeril "BAM!" is this first ever Great American Food & Music Fest on Saturday at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. The host is Food TV's Bobby Flay. The...

Loreto Bay: What will happen to the Foundation?

Everyone is asking me what becomes of the Loreto Bay Foundation in light of the shut down of the construction at Nopolo and closing of the Inn at Loreto Bay (which is where I was supposed to be this week). Here is the answer: For now the Loreto Bay Foundation...

San Francisco Tour: Cable Car Museum (Video)

Inside the still functioning (and loud!) San Francisco Cable Car Museum. Large motors, gears and cables. Also the history of the great 1906 SF earthquake and its impact on the city and transportation.

SubZERO TechArt Festival San Jose: Robotic chair, motorized mouth, and two-by-fours

In this segment of the SubZERO Festival tour, Loni ventures inside the WORKS San Jose gallery for a peek at some eclectic techno-art mashups in the ‘remote/control’ exhibition.

Riding a giant, metal, rocking horse at the SubZERO Techno-Arts Festival

See what happens when an innocent moped exhaust pipe organ project spirals out of control. Loni rides the result downtown San Jose and talks to the artist, Andrew Hedges, while atop his... "invention". We think this is the first time Loni has interviewed someone while sitting atop a giant, metal,...