Coway Airmega 250 air purifier

South Korean-based Coway has released a new air purifier. The Airmega 250 is a sleek unit that promises to clean air in your home 24/7 using a HEPA-based system.

Better still — and this is a trend we’re seeing in the air purification industry at large — is the new model looks aesthetically pleasing and would be suitable for many decors. That’s a break from the past when most air purifiers were boxy and techy in appearance. Thankfully it seems companies like Coway are starting to value quality design.

Other features in the just announced Airmega 250 per the announcement include:

  • HEA filter captures 99.999% of fine airborne particles and contaminants
  • Auto mode that automatically monitors air quality levels and adjusts fan levels as needed (Good / Moderate / Unhealthy / Very Unhealthy)
  • Up to 930 sq. ft. coverage
  • A special “Rapid Mode” for quickly filtering a highly contaminated space

Coway says the Airmega 250 is based on a 3-stage filtration system: (1) a pre-filter for removing hair and large dust particles; (2) a True HEPA filter for removing fine dust, viruses, mold and bacteria; and (3) an activated carbon filter for removing food smells, fumes, harmful gases, pet odors, VOCs and other odors.

Coway Airmega 250 top panel and specs

In addition the 250 has Sleep and Eco modes that can be manually set using the top control panel.

CADR (clean air delivery rate) is rated at 249 for smoke, 261 for dust and 230 for pollen.

The main HEPA filter is rated for up to one year of life expectancy depending on the environment and usage.

Power consumption is rated up to 64W. And the unit weighs 20.5 pounds.

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One thing this particular model does not include is smart home technology. So there is no wi-fi or associated app that you can use to control the unit. If those features are important to you then consider a step-up model like the more powerful (and larger) Airmega 300 or Airmega 400.

Overall, a good looking product from a reputable air purification company. Those with allergies or those who live in areas with risk of wildfire smoke should definitely add this model to the short-list of possible shopping choices.

Coway is now selling the Airmega 250 for $399 USD.

Mike Carrall
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