• Download PDF plans to build a wooden planter box, grow your own fresh and delicious veggies and herbs.
  • Perfect for tight spaces and small yards.
  • Enlist family members and make the project a team event.
Review by Monica Turner

Looking for a weekend project? Consider a DIY vegetable planter box. It’s easy, fun, and practical.

Loni Stark’s veggie planter box plans have been one of the most popular projects for aspiring gardeners over the past 10 years here on Stark Insider. Using these plans you can build a wooden planter that can fit tight spaces; perfect for a small yard, or tight space that’s not been used around your home.

Here’s what a finished DIY wooden planter box looks like:

Download DIY vegetable planter box plans

All you need is a bit of time, some materials from your local hardware store and the plans themselves (see below how to get the PDF).

Planter Box Gardening at Home Video Tips

Best of all are all the options available once finished. You can plant tomatoes, herbs, peppers, or just flowers if you like — or any sort of combination.

In addition to the plans Loni has several videos exploring the ever expanding world of veggie gardening. Here are some of the more popular videos on YouTube:


Vegetable Planter Box Examples

And some of the results:

This variation of my vegetable planter box plans from Jim G. extends the width from 2′ to 3′. A great option if you have the space in your yard.

Building a Vegetable Planter Box

Breanna’s two dogs pose in front of the newly constructed vegetable planter box.

Building your own planter box can be a very satisfying weekend project. Enlist some family members and make it a project to remember:

Jeff emailed Stark Insider this photo of his son helping out on the veggie planter box project.

Loni’s DIY Vegetable Planter Box Plans


To download the internet’s most popular vegetable planter box plans, please visit this download link on Stark Insider.

Happy gardening!

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