Apple's new Mac Pro available for purchase today

$50,000 +.

That’s how much you’ll need to fork over for a fully tricked out 2019 Mac Pro. Might as well cancel your Tesla Model 3 order. No Cybertruck for you. If you want the fastest Mac desktop ever made, you better line up an appointment with your loan officer as soon as possible.

MacRumors reports that, yes, while the top end is very expensive, you can get in on the ground floor by spending “only $5,999 USD for the entry-level 8-core Xeon model.

As you might expect, you can upgrade the RAM, storage and processor from there pushing the price up quickly.

Then again, this machine is targeted at the professional segment. So many will likely chalk this purchase up as a business expense — requiring the best possible speed and quality to get their projects completed.

Apple Mac Pro 2019 - Wheels
$400 for wheels? Mac Pro buyers probably won’t flinch.

And if by chance you do want wheels to roll around your monster Mac expect to pay an additional $400.

Mac Pro is available to purchase from Apple starting today.

Shipping begins December 19, 2019.

Merry Christmas indeed… for those with enough cash.

Mike Carrall
Mike Carrall is a tech executive by day in Silicon Valley who writes under a pseudonym. Mike's passions include extreme sports, testing audio gear, trying (not so successfully) to restore a vintage 70's McIntosh receiver and spending time with his seven year-old daughter.