MacBook Pro - begging for a little of that Human Touch.

More clues are suggesting Apple may soon reveal a MacBook with a larger screen.

One report says a new 16-inch version of the iconic MacBook Pro laptop has already shipped to Apple.

Launch timing, however, remains unclear.

Like the refreshed MacBook Air from 2018/2019 many expect Apple to continue on its mission — much like it is with the iPhone — to further reduce bezel size, and shrink overall form factor(s) while expanding the amount of available in screen size.

In short: more screen, smaller size.

From MacRumors:

“Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo originally said the 16-inch MacBook Pro would launch in the fourth quarter of 2019 with an all-new design, including a scissor switch keyboard. As of late, however, Kuo has more vaguely stated that a “new MacBook model” with a scissor keyboard will launch in mid 2020. It’s unclear if the “new MacBook model” that Kuo has referred to more recently is the 16-inch MacBook Pro.”

Leaked photos tip a few design changes that may be coming, aside from the larger screen.

For one it looks like the Escape key will be relocated outside of the software-driven Touch Bar. That would make the often-used key perform just like that, an honest-to-goodness key; and one that doesn’t react on the touch-based interface and settings found on the — sometimes confusing — Touch Bar strip that sits above the physical keyboard on most MacBook Pro models.

Continuing that trend it looks like Apple will also reposition Touch ID. Currently that button/key also sits alongside the Touch Bar (at the far right). However, leaked images show it separated from the Touch Bar and sitting slightly to the right on its own. Presumably this change has something to do with users having trouble seeing the button given its current blended design with the Touch Bar making it hard to identify.

By removing the escape and TouchID buttons Apple should free up additional space to make the TouchBar more useful and easier to use. We should know soon enough when the 16-inch MacBook Pro is unveiled.

Meantime, shoppers would do well to check out the latest Amazon deals.

Amazon has slashed prices on 2018 MacBook Pros by up to 20%. That’s a pretty good sale. Expect more deals to come just in time for Black Friday.


Mike Carrall is a tech executive by day in Silicon Valley who writes under a pseudonym. Mike's passions include extreme sports, testing audio gear, trying (not so successfully) to restore a vintage 70's McIntosh receiver and spending time with his seven year-old daughter.