Amazon Plans Wall-Mounted Echo as Smart Home Command Center

Smart speakers are dominating. So much so, that it might be fair to say the heart of any smart home today starts with a smart speaker — especially considering they’re connected to the internet and can control pretty much all of the devices that are used for home automation like light switches and outlets and cameras.

A new report from Nielsen confirms the case with approximately 24% of US homes owning a smart speaker, typically one made by Amazon (Echo) or Google (Home).

Music reigns as the leading reason why consumers find value in smart speakers, with about 90% picking it as their #1 use.

That’s followed by:

  • 81% Search for real-time information (e.g. weather, traffic)
  • 75% Search for factual information (e.g. trivia, history)
  • 68% Listen to news
  • 68% Chat with your voice assistant for fun
  • 68% Use alarms and timers

Another study shows that the number of US households with a smart speaker could increase to 50% by year’s end.

Recently, Amazon refreshed its Alexa-based Echo speaker line-up, and even unveiled a model specifically targeted for use in cars.

VIAThe Verge
Mike Carrall
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