Chef David Kinch has finally received his just reward.

Paolo Lucchesi over at Inside Scoop SF reports that Kinch’s flagship restaurant, Manresa, has been awarded the vaunted 3-star rating by the Michelin guide. Here, here.

That’s a remarkable achievement given that the restaurant had to shut-down in 2014 after a serious fire.

You can take a visual tour of the new Manresa on Stark Insider, where I experienced a memorable culinary experience — “Where farm-to-table is elevated to fine art“. Indeed. If you can, you must visit at least once in this lifetime.

Chef David Kinch - Manresa Restaurant - Michelin 3-star
At Manresa earlier this year. Love.
David Kinch gives Loni Stark a tour of the kitchen at Manresa.
Touring the Manresa kitchen with Chef David Kinch.

Manresa joins other Michelin 3-stars in the San Francisco Bay Area: The French Laundry, The Restaurant at Meadowood, Saison, and Benu.

San Francisco is well-represented in the 2016 edition of the Michelin Guide. Congratulations also to Chef Matthew Accarrino and SPQR for being rewarded with a well deserved one star rating — his restaurant’s first ever.

Here’s Matthew receiving that so very special phone call:

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is the stuff of culinary dreams. And these masters continue to make it a joy to experience world class dining.

[Manresa Restaurant: A Culinary Journey and Visual Tour]

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