Sometimes words aren’t necessary. Photos can do all the talking.

Such is the case with Google Glass. Sergey Brin’s futuristic project is hitting the streets, with early adopters (“explorers”) receiving beta units of the product which is widely expected to kick-off the era of wearable computing.

Many venues are already banning the devices, which can be used to capture video in real-time video via a small camera mounted in the frame–try that with your Diors!

Early reports suggest Google Glass will be useful for navigation, facial recognition, and pulling up a variety of location-based services using a tiny screen viewable in the lens of the person wearing the┬ádecidedly┬ácyborg-like frame. Google Glass won’t replace your smartphone. In fact, you’ll still need a Bluetooth-enabled handset to pair with Glass to provide the Internet connectivity.

But, forget all that.

Today, we’re talking about marketing campaigns.

How, on earth, can you make Google Glass look appealing? Something every guy would want?

The answer, it would seem, is evident in these photos used to promote and sell Google’s vision of the future:

Google Glass

Google Glass - Marketing

Google Glass - Marketing

Google Glass

Google Glass - Too cool for school

Google Glass - I Love You

Google Glass - Blonde power

The future sure is pretty.

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