Steve Wozniak Interview - History of Apple Computer

When I met Steve Wozniak, I expected to get a deep lesson in tech, and a colorful replay of the history of Apple. On both counts he delivered – in spades. No surprises there.

But what I never thought I’d discover is his one-of-a-kind brushed aluminum business card. The material alone is not what makes it stand out either. In this Stark Insider TV segment Woz describes how his phone number and other information is imprinted on his modern day/retro business card.

A few years back I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the new wing at the Computer History Museum with about twenty journalists. Woz proved to be a fast-paced guide, taking us through the history of computing. This is the video we shot on that day.

“What you can do with zero money. At all. Nobody to borrow it from. No savings account. That’s the story of the Apple I and Apple II.”

You’ll see lots of amazing computing artifacts including the Apple II, punch card machines, and even the 4k Data General Nova computer that Wozniak told his Dad he’d someday own (but didn’t realize it costs as much as a house!).

Clinton Stark also wrote about meeting Woz, and the tour, which you can read about here. He wasn’t satisfied with the original cut, and re-ran it through post, fixing some of the background music, transitions and color grading.

You may want to have Google and Wikipedia nearby to look up all the various technical terms, geek speak, you’re about to hear in this rapid-fire tour. I should note that Steve is every bit the nice guy you’d expect – I came away from our discussion understanding we he’s so revered in Silicon Valley, not only by those from the Apple ’80s generation, but also by the younger, social, jet-set; the teens and millennials looking to make their own computer history.

WATCH: Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Interview

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