Maggie Mason proposal Magic Theatre

Maggie Mason proposal Magic Theatre

Here’s a fun bit of theater news out of San Francisco today. Consider it the encore that keeps on giving… and giving.

It happened after last Tuesday night’s performance of Liz Duffy Adams’ Or, at the Magic Theatre (Theater Review: ‘Or,’ is it just the beginning?). According to theater reps, it was indeed magical as actress Maggie Mason (completely oblivious) was about to be proposed to by long time boyfriend Matt Trainer:

“Lights dim …

Then fellow actress Natacha Roi makes a quick announcement for the audience to stay for a few minutes.

Ms. Roi along with fellow actor Ben Huber then quickly dashed off stage leaving Ms. Mason  alone in the spotlight. From the audience came  her costume clad.. soon to be fiance Matt Trainer with a large bag.

He fell to his knees and began to recite rhyming couplets he wrote about their time together.

And then from the bag … he pulled out a beautiful ring. The audience began to tear up…Ms. Mason remained clueless…and then the question.

“Maggie my dear….will you marry me”, asked Matt.

A shocked but beaming Mason replied ..”YES, YES!”

The audience stood up and clapped as if the proposal had been the encore. You can’t script that. Indeed an evening to remember for all.”

You can relive the moment here in this video replay. Tears are optional…