Cinequest Film Festival 20 Marketing Campaign Poster
Here it is. The sparkling new marketing campaign for Cinequest Film Festival 20 kicks off with this artwork and a teaser video. Posted first to the Cinequest Facebook fan page, the poster prominently reinforces the “Mavericks” theme that has become an iconic message for the film festival.

As for the aesthetics and style: A+. I really like the look. It has an edgy, authentic feel which suits the festival’s position in the film industry. Thankfully, there are no flowers, rainbows, or phoofy stuff—not that there is anything wrong with that!

If you squint a little you can almost see a grenade in that right hand… almost as if this were the sequel to American Idiot by Green Day.

It’s hard to believe we’re just over 60 days away from the festival. It seemed like just yesterday we were watching Kevin Pollack Tweet his way across stage to receive a Maverick Spirit Award.

To watch the new Cinequest 20 teaser video with industrial art soundtrack click here to go to the Facebook Fan page.


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