The umbrellas are hung from the ceiling to cast pleasantly colored diffused light to the objects below.

About a week ago, I attended Sweet Can Productions’ latest creation, Yes Sweet Can which explores the theme of resourcefulness in an intimate setting where the first row of the audience is on the actual stage of the circus performance. The StarkSilverCreek review by Clinton Stark, “Theater review: ‘Yes Sweet Can’ inspires with artistic circus act in San Francisco“, profiles the performance in more detail.

For those of you that have not attended a Sweet Can Productions performance, the actual location is very intimate and colorful. Here are some of the photos I took of our evening out to see ‘Yes Sweet Can’

Upon entering the narrow entrance of the performance house, you need to climb up a flight of stairs to the lobby area.
In case you are feeling a little frazzled from the drive up to the San Francisco, stand in front of this display for a calming effect.
The walls are painted in bright colors, very much a contrast to the black walls along the stairs leading up to the lobby and the inside of the actual theater which is painted all black.
Photos of the cast and members of Sweet Can productions. Nifty t-shirts and underwear which can be purchased to support Sweet Can Productions.
Hallway where I stood in line before the performance opened. There is open seating. If you like the intimacy, sit up close. If you want to see the entire production in one frame, move on back a little. I sat in the front row and did have to strain my neck a little to see some of the acts that involved tricks such as climbing.
Two masks at the top of the entrance to the studio where the performance of 'Yes Sweet Can' was performed.

Sweet Can Productions
‘Yes Sweet Can’ performances at:

Dance Mission Theatre
3316 24th Street (@ 24th St BART)
San Francisco, CA 94110

StarkSilverCreek Review: Theater review: ‘Yes Sweet Can’ inspires with artistic circus act in San Francisco

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