Last night was such a great time with Jane and Sharon. We had dinner at Citron which is located in the famous Rockridge District of Oakland and then later saw Jane’s farewell video from her days at CBS. The dinner was delicious and from the CBS farewell tape, it was obvious that she was well-loved….and had purple hair at the time!

I’m now here on a Saturday morning, having an espresso and catching up on the latest news from Club Loreto Bay and Beck Loreto.

In response to yesterday’s post, “It’s the Friday Loreto Bay rumor mill: New buyer?“, Beck Loreto on their homeowner website noted:

False Report. There was a release today indicating that there was a buyer for Loreto Bay. Some of you contacted us about this, so it may be circulating. This is not the case, according to Alvarez and Marsal. The root of this confusion is that FONATUR this week agreed to take over the maintenance of the golf course and the hotel. This is old news, although good for the development. The details of this arrangement have not been disclosed.


On Club Loreto Bay, our Baja Barry noted that the latest article (The Sudcaliforniano, July 18) seems to say that Fonatur is reopening the Inn and golf course on Monday and though no definitive buyer is announced yet, Fonatur’s operation will cease when the buyer is in place. The article also states the buyer will acquire the assets and assume construction related liabilities of TSD LP.

For those of us who have been following Loreto Bay news for the last three years or more, we know that nothing is certain until it happens so for those of you that are in Loreto, do let us know if the Inn at Loreto Bay and Golf Course are open again on Monday.

Until then, one of my favorite videos from the Inn at Loreto Bay is this one which shows you how to make pina colada: Baja-style pina colada recipe for a hot summer day.

Translated by Google Translator:

Reopen on Monday of Loreto Bay hotel
The reopening imminent sale of the hotel and golf tourism development Loreto Bay was announced yesterday at a press conference.
The Sudcaliforniano
18 July 2009

P. Elias Medina

La Paz, Baja California Sur .- At a press conference the governor Narciso Agundez and director general of Fonatur, Miguel Gómez Mont Ureta, announced the relaunch of tourism real estate project and Loreto Bay, which suspended operations for about a month ago as a result of real estate and global financial crisis and resulting in a first impact the loss of almost 450 direct jobs in Loreto and the closure of the hotel in Loreto and its golf course.

With the presence of state secretary of Tourism Alberto Treviño, director of the APIBCS Brian Westall, and the Mayor of Loreto Yuan Yee, confirmed the reopening of the hotel and golf course from this Monday and announced that two investors local, and other domestic and foreign interest in purchasing the assets of Loreto Bay, to make way for its revival.

Both the governor and the director general Agundez FONATUR made it clear that the company acquiring the assets, will also assume the commitments of labor and liabilities incurred by TDS Loreto Bay Company, a subsidiary of City Group Banamex, with different suppliers.

The governor stressed that Agundez reopening the hotel in Loreto and the golf course is a first step in the rescue of this important tourism and real estate project, but especially for its revival and recovery jobs.

Of a string FONATUR, 55% of the economically active population of the municipality of Loreto depended either directly or indirectly of Loreto Bay. The parastatal stressed that his involvement as an operator of hotel and golf course of this project will be completed once the sale process.

Moreover, this meeting with the media it was reported that there is interest from Volaris airline to establish the Tijuana-Los Cabos, Loreto, and Viva Aerobus link Loreto in Monterrey.

This, coupled with the support offered by the State Government to reopen the flight-Loreto Mexico City-San Diego via Aeromexico.

At this press conference also attended by State Secretary of Tourism Alberto Trevino Angulo, the director general of the APIBCS Brian Westall and the directors of the IPC of Loreto and Los Cabos, Alejandro Pérez Arellano and Miguel Angel Blazquez Coppel, respectively.

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