Loreto National Marine Park is highlighted in pink here.

The management plan of the Loreto’s Marine National Park is currently under revision. If you are interested in more details on the significance of the Loreto National Marine Park and the impetus of the current discussions, check out my initial article.

Aligned with the desire to gather input, ideas, or concerns  from the community at large, all park users—ecotourism companies, tour guides, sport fishermen—are welcome to attend a series of planning meetings. The process is inclusive and seeks to have as much participation from locals as well as foreign fans of Loreto and Baja that use the park.

The meetings will be held at the University and the dates are:

  • Monday June 8th. (9-15 hr). Commercial fishing sector
  • Tuesday June 9th. (16-20 hr). Sport fishing sector
  • Wednesday June 10th (9-15 hr). Conservation and academia.
  • Thursday June 11th (9-15 hr). Ecotourism sector
  • Friday June 12th (9-13 hr). Development and hotel sector
  • Saturday June 13th (9-15 hr). Open to ALL SOCIETY

imglogo-parqueIf you cannot make any of these meetings but would like to provide your input, I am reaching out to Ana Salceda, Director of Communications to see if this is possible and the method for sending in your comments. For now, feel free to post your comments here and any emails sent to us will be forwarded to Ana. For the latter, please include any contact details so Ana can reach out to you if necessary.

If you are interested in understanding the issue better, a good video sent in by Ana is located here: “Once Upon a Tide” / “Erase una Vez el Océano”. It was produced in partnership with Harvard Medical School. The current version is in English, but a subsequent version will translate it to Spanish.

Loni Stark
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