fm3bookI’ve written and made references quite a number of times on StarkSilverCreek regarding the process of obtaining and renewing FM3 Visas in Loreto, Baja. You can access many of these resources from the SSC Loreto Guide – Visa and Immigration Section.

During my breakfast with Marla and Kirk at Las Mandiles Restaurant in Loreto, they also shared some interesting facts about the rise of people in Loreto who are on FM3.

However, one element I have not discussed is the costs associated with the visa immigration application process. Courtesy of Lynn H. today, I got a great pointer to a chart highlighting the current and historical costs of getting immigration visas. You can find the chart here (Mexico’s immigration visas and IMSS: current and historical rates – costs).

If the costs in 2009 are indexed against 2005 costs, then:

  • Across all FM3 transactions costs have increased over 24%
  • New FM2 (Work and Non-Work) costs have increased a little over 18%, whereas renewal and Immigrado Status costs have increased 24%

The biggest jump across 2001 to 2009 for new FM3 costs seem to be between the years 2006-2007 and 2008-2009.

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