ishots-032A couple of days ago, I announced the availability on StarkSilverCreek of the JW Marriott Residences Loreto floor plans (JW Marriott Residences Loreto, Baja: Floor plans now available). In that post I thought the penthouse floor plans would be custom.

Greg Campbell, a Sales Associate, with the project was kind enough to write in and correct this point. The floor plans are not custom and plans “D” and “E” are already released with the Grand Penthouse plans to come shortly. A quick glimpse at the D and E plans, which are already quite grand, leave much to be anticipated from the “Grand Penthouses” which will be about twice the price point.

“…I wanted to send a quick note to clarify that the Penthouses are not custom. There are a limited number of 6th floor Penthouses that have established floor plans (see attached – note wine cooler and Jacuzzi spa is included with the penthouses). Pre-launch prices for these exclusive Penthouse Residences range from under $1.5M to nearly $1.8M and represent an incredible value for luxury real estate in Mexico.

In addition we have two Grand Penthouses that have yet to be released. Pricing for these amazing Residences are expected to be $3+M…”

Loni Stark
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