Although we don’t have snow or ice in this part of the country, I did sense a new revival of activity as the spring season nears. The window boxes outside our home office is starting to show the first signs of life as the tulip bulbs, which I had long forgotten about, awoke from their winter slumbers. We also got a sudden start to our solar energy project…more on this in another post.

The signs of life seem to not only be here on the home front, but also in Loreto Bay. In the course of this past week, we got our second update from The Construction Coach, the company we have checking in on the progress of our home construction, and our final plans for our Nueva Chica finally came in with all our option selections. Clint and I have yet to spend this Sunday reviewing the final plans which will be fun! We also had some informative email exchanges with our neighbor in AV-24 and some of the SF Bay Area Loreto Bay Homeowner members. The latter group is starting to get critical mass in members.

With all this new activity down there now that Beck Construction is on board, we got another construction bill. Alas, there is no free lunch!

Below are some of the photos we got from The Construction Coach.

P.S. Michael Coyle from Replay will be in San Jose, CA on the weekend of February 23-24. For those of you new and interested in the Loreto Bay community, there will be an information session on February 23. For existing homeowners, there will be a Q&A session on February 24. If you want more details, drop us an email and we will be happy to give you the details. I love getting letters (emails)!



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