I actually got the progress report from The Construction Coach (TCC) over the weekend.

I had ambitions of first writing a review on the book, “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army” (Jeremy Scahill) which I had finished over a month ago. This has been in the queue of blog topics I want to write about and share my thoughts on. I got a sharp reminder of this pending task when I came across some articles in the news around Blackwater a couple of days ago.

Alas, my weekend was extremely busy and I have yet to complete this review and do the book justice. I better get to it soon as I am half way into my “Understanding Pharma” book and that will also require a review.

Ok – enough beating around the bush, here are the photos we got of our place in Loreto Bay from The Construction Coach.



Along with this came a nice schedule of when actions were needed by us in terms of ensuring we had the correct conduits for the home theatre and audio systems (both options we are getting…you know Clint has something to do with this, don’t you?) to selection of other options and furniture. We also received a spreadsheet which itemized in great detail the construction steps and progress to date.

The estimated time of completion of our home is currently sloted for July 2008. Of course, this is just a TCC estimate, not anything official from Loreto Bay, so most likely pushed out. Clint and I are in no hurry. In fact, strangly enough we gain much excitement and happiness just from the anticipation of the place being finished. Read “Stumbling on Happiness” which I reviewed earlier this year if you want to understand one Harvard psychologist’s theory on this.

I think Clint and I are almost near finalization of our option selection for our place. Our account manager, Jennifer Hoegger has been very patient with us. Everytime I think we have everything squared away, some new idea or consideration pops up and changes our options…usually it involves adding options, isn’t that always the case?

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