Cirque du Soleil Kooza - Wheel of Death

It’s back — for the first time since 2019.

If you noticed something different about the San Francisco skyline this week it might just be because of something called the Big Top.

The massive outdoor tent that can sit over 2,500 people will host the new Cirque du Soleil production Kooza.

Running January 17 through March 10 the production features all the greatest of Cirque including: high-flying acrobatics, whimsical characters, lavish costuming, colorful sets, and thrilling music.

What is KOOZA about?

KOOZA is an innovative journey viewed through the perspective of The Innocent, an endearing yet naïve clown looking for his place in the world. A mystery item is delivered to The Innocent one day when he is flying his kite. The self-discovery journey of The Innocent, who is miraculously transferred to a bizarre but exotic world, is followed in KOOZA under the watchful eye of an enigmatic trickster with remarkable abilities.

Cirque du Soleil raises its iconic Big Top in San Francisco
Raising the iconic Big Top for Cirque du Soleil production of ‘Kooza’ in San Francisco: Photo credit: Hugo Chasten

As for the Big Top itself, Cirque du Soleil says it’s new and features a more eco-friendly grey and white design.

Other interesting factoids from the press release include:

  • Seating: 2,542 people
  • Set-up takes 7 days
  • There are three tents in total including ones for concessions, kitchen and box office, and the Big Top itself
  • Big Top size: 19 meters high, 51 meters diameter
  • 550 stakes planted in the ground are needed to support the Big Top
  • Weight: show equipment weights more than 2,000 tons
  • Trailers: travels city to city in 70 trailers

Given this is the first Cirque production post-pandemic to return to San Francisco in about five years we wish the entire team our best wishes for a fantastic event!

Tickets for Kooza are now on sale at the Cirque du Soleil web site — the show is suitable for the entire family.

Photo credits for Cirque du Soleil Kooza photos: Matt Beard & Bernard Letendre. Costumes by Marie Chantale Vaillancourt.