EnChroma glasses - The Art of the Brick, San Francisco

Organizers this week have announced an exhibition in San Francisco that will be of special interest to those who are color blind.

As of today, EnChroma glasses will be permanently available to guests to borrow at The Art of the Brick exhibits in San Francisco. They look pretty stylish too:

EnChroma Glasses for Color Vision

Here is how LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya’s colorful art looks to the color blind with and without EnChroma:

EnChroma glasses - The Art of the Brick, San Francisco

Per the announcement:

One in 12 men (8%) and one in 200 women (.5%) are color blind – 13 million in the US, about 350,000 in the Bay Area and 350 million people worldwide are color blind.

Color blindness can profoundly impact the experience of art and make activities related to color less appealing. While people with normal color vision see over one million hues and shades, the color blind only see 10% of them. To the four color blind people, the world appears gray, dull, washed out and some colors are indistinguishable; purple and blue look the same; red appears brown; pink is gray; green looks brownish or gray, peanut butter seems green and stoplights white-ish. The colors in artist Nathan Sawaya’s iconic LEGO works are hard for them to appreciate.

More details on The Art of the Brick Exhibition can be seen in the YouTube video below:

WATCH: The Art of the Brick Exhibition

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About Nathan Sawaya, the LEGO Artist

Date: From December 2021
Duration: The visit will take around 30-60 minutes
Location: 1 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108
Age requirement: All ages are welcome!
Price: Adults starting at $21 and children starting at $18

Stark Insider hopes to see you at the exhibition!

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