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Bio Bidet Discovery DLS smart bidet seat

4 out of 5 stars

4 out of 5 stars – ‘Superb Performer’
Price: $899 USD (save $100 via Amazon)
Excellent overall performance. Best-in-class water pressure. Simple, well laid out remote. Strong fan. Auto open/close seat works well. Price undercuts other premium models such as the Toto Washlet S550e.
Noisier than some of the competition. Beeps and confirmation sounds can’t be disabled. No user presets option.
“Superb Performer”
The new Discovery DLS Bidet Seat features a slick, modern design and performance that Bio Bidet customers have come to expect — which is to say, excellent. Highly recommended.

Review by Mike Carrall

Since its founding in 2008 Bio Bidet has emerged as a leading player in the emerging market for bidets. The Illinois-based company routinely has some of the highest rated models available on the market. Check Costco and Amazon and you’ll find many to choose from, across many price points. From the Slim Zero ($99 USD) to the mid-range BB-600 Ultimate ($319) and BB-1000 Supreme ($499) and popular Bliss BB-2000 ($699), Bio Bidet is definitely one of the top brands in this space.

Now Bio Bidet has released its newest flagship bidet seat, the Discovery DLS. There’s some key changes on deck, including a new design motif that is quite pleasing and a break from its decidedly techy past.

We put the Discovery DLS to the test over the past several weeks to see if its a worthy player in the increasingly crowded and competitive space.

Unboxing the BioBidet Discovery DLS

BioBidet Discovery DLS unboxing (Review)

Excellent documentation.

Apple-like packaging and unboxing experience.

“Water Does it Better”

Given that the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS retails for $899 there’s a certain expectation about its performance and even the unboxing experience. Yes, this is an expensive bidet seat. Rightfully so, expectations among buyers will likely be quite high right from the get-go.

Fortunately the unboxing experience lives up to the hype. Everything is firmly in place with solid, but easy to remove packaging. There’s warm and helpful welcoming messaging, with customer support contact information front and center.

Documentation is plentiful. Also included is a template for installation so you can line everything up, and get it right on the first try. Adapters and plumbing lines are also included.


BioBidet Discovery DLS water inlet (Review)

Installing a bidet seat is not hard, so long as you’re somewhat handy with basic plumbing. You essentially need to split the water supply line to the toilet into two lines: one for the toilet water supply itself (as it is currently); and a new second line that connects to the bidet seat and provides water directly.

Following the directions carefully, from removing the current seat, using the template to attach the mounting bracket, and finally sliding the Discovery DLS onto the toilet took about 30 minutes in total. We figure some will need less time and some will need more. A lot of the installation will, of course, depend on a variety of factors including the make of your toilet, the layout of the space, and your experience performing these sorts of projects.

If you have a skirted toilet, such as the Toto Aquia, you may need to use an extension line for the water supply inlet as it’s recessed and will not be long enough to reach. Check beforehand so there’s no surprises.

Also, keep in mind you do need a power outlet nearby. Because electrical will be located near water you’ll want to ensure it’s GFCI rated and meets all your local code requirements — be sure to verify with local experts as needed.

In any case, the installation was straight forward. There were no issues with build quality and all the needed parts were included and well marked.


Key Features

BioBidet Discovery DLS remote control review

Auto open/close lid.

Front and rear wash cycles, including auto mode, oscillation and dynamic stream.

3 fan speeds for drying.

Seat warmer.

UV sanitizer.

Given the Discovery DLS is a flagship model you can pretty much expect lots of features. Indeed Bio Bidet didn’t skimp when it comes to luxury.

Like other models in this price point you get an auto open/close lid, handy remote with customization controls, various washing modes and a high performance fan for drying (3 speeds). There’s a night light that brightens the inside of the bowl when the sensor detects you approaching.

After each use a built-in UV sterilizer automatically cleans the nozzle. We have no way to measure its effectiveness, but we can say that we did observe the process in action.

Another thing to point out is the design. In a word: modern. Expect clean lines and a thin overall profile. Unlike past models there is no dual tone finish on the topside. Instead the whole thing is finished in white with a clean look that we think will fit many decors.

As for the wireless remote, we like the horizontal layout. Buttons are large and easy to press with satisfying tactile feedback. On the front side there are 5 buttons: stop, front wash, rear, wash, dryer (tap for low, medium, high), and auto. Flip the remote and you’ll find more controls for less frequently used options such as fan and water pressure. A small included dock can be attached to a nearby wall using included tape or two screws. Alongside the top edge of the remote are buttons to manually open or close the lid and seat as needed.


In Review: BioBidet Discovery DLS smart bidet seat is a stellar performer that undercuts the competition

Power, power, power.

Strong water pressure.

Strong fan pressure.

So then how does the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS perform?


You pay the price for this premium model, but you do indeed thankfully get the performance.

On approach a few feet away the seat detects your presence and automatically opens the lid. If needed you can tap a button on the remote to also open the seat. And from there you’re set to experience the great secret that Japan had long discovered.

Bio Bidet is known for strong water pressure. The Discovery DLS, as our tests confirmed, lives up to the reputation. There should be no complaints here. In fact many will likely opt to reduce the pressure. But it’s nice to know there’s plenty to spare.

Same is true for the fan pressure. Select high and you’ll get lots of air. In fact compared to the top Toto model, the S550E, the Discovery DLS fan is significantly stronger. This is critical as the longer the drying cycle the more time you’ll need to spend, let’s say, tethered and unable to get on with your day.

Noise-wise things are pretty controlled. However, at first start there’s a bit of a cacophony of sounds that emanate from the rear as water enters the system and motors whirl about prepping for washing cycles, in addition to performing the aforementioned UV disinfectant process. No bidet can be absolutely quiet given the nature of moving water. However we did note the Discovery DLS is slightly louder overall than its most likely competitor in this class, the Toto Washlet S550E. Still, we’d be perfectly fine here, aside from one nit…

There’s no way to disable sounds, for instance when the bidet emits a welcome chime upon first approach or when a button on the remote is pressed.

Push a button on the remote and you’ll hear a confirmation beep. This is mostly fine except at night when it could be a (minor) disturbance to others nearby. According to the instruction manual you can turn these off with a long press of the “Night Light” button on the rear of the remote. Doing so, however, made no difference in our tests. An email to BioBidet customer support eventually confirmed that there is no way to disable sounds on the Discovery DLS. Too bad about that, and something to keep in mind when shopping for your next bidet. Thankfully, if you’re doing a simple cycle you can hit “Auto” resulting in a single beep which shouldn’t be an issue for most when it comes to noise.

Everything else is a treat. If you haven’t enjoyed the welcome of a warmed seat on a cold day or evening you’re in for possibly a life changing discovery.

The wand oscillates smoothly, and water temperature is consistent with no wild and jarring swings (an issue with some other bidet seats). You can tweak the nozzle position forward and backward to your personal preference, and, of course, also adjust things like air temperature, water temperature and the seat temperature. All these features worked flawlessly during a month long testing process.

What we like about the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS

High quality build.

Large, simple remote is easy to use.

Premium features without the premium price — at least compared to the most obvious competitors.

The BioBidet Discovery DLS is a premium bidet seat that delivers on the promise of a modern, hygienic experience. Not only does it make everyday life feel special, there’s also the environmental angle: you’ll no longer need to fight Costco crowds in your next foray for TP.

As mentioned water and air pressure are two key strengths of this model. No issues there whatsoever.

The remote is easy to use, and the overall look is exactly what we’d expect from a 2021 release.

Areas for improvement

A bit noisier than we’d like.

No way to mute the chimes and beeps.

Missing user presets.

Beyond the fact that the confirmation beep sounds can’t be disabled, there’s one possible glaring feature missing here: user presets.

With the Discovery DLS there’s no way to setup and save preferences for multiple users — much like you can do, for instance, on most modern cars. That means you may need to adjust things like air and water temperature upon each visit. By comparison the Toto Washlet S550E does have presets for two users so you can store them and recall them in a pinch. However, this isn’t exactly and apples to apples comparison as the S550E sells for hundreds of dollars more.

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BioBidet Discovery DLS unboxing (Review)

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BioBidet Discovery DLS manuals (Review)

BioBidet Discovery DLS unboxing

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In Review: BioBidet Discovery DLS smart bidet seat is a stellar performer that undercuts the competition

Review Verdict: Discovery DLS is another winner from Bio Bidet

A proven name in the space.

Easy to install and use.

Highly recommended.

There’s a lot to like with the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS, and we definitely recommend it as an option for those shopping in the higher end range of smart bidets.

Bio Bidet’s experience in this market shows. Everything works as it should, the controls are simple and well laid out. Further, the price is attractive, given that some of the premium competitors in this category — namely the Toto Washlet S550e — sell for significantly more, yet the Discovery DLS feels every bit as good, save for some additional noise and fewer features (which may or may not matter to you).

Installation is relatively straight forward for those with a bit of tech and plumbing know how. Casual buyers may need to hire someone to help. Keep in mind you’ll need to have a 120-volt GFCI outlet nearby as this smart seat does require power to operate.

The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS definitely fits under the “nice to have” household products category to be sure. Yes, it’s a splurge. Yet there’s a reason why Japan has long embraced this technology before us here in the U.S. Spend a few weeks with the Discovery DSL and you’ll soon realize what you’ve been missing. Hint: you’ll never want to go back.

Bio Bidet Discovery DLS is available now ($899 USD) and includes a 5-year warranty.


Mike Carrall
Mike Carrall is a tech executive by day in Silicon Valley who writes under a pseudonym. Mike's passions include extreme sports, testing audio gear, trying (not so successfully) to restore a vintage 70's McIntosh receiver and spending time with his seven year-old daughter.