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Researchers have discovered something you may be very happy to hear about: drinking wine may have have positive impacts on your health.

Previous studies has indicated that wine could reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Now there’s more to add to the story. From Wine Spectator:

“A number of studies [have] already found that diabetes risk was lower among those with a light to moderate intake as compared to nondrinkers and those with a heavy intake,” Janne Tolstrup, who led the research team from the University of Southern Denmark’s National Institute of Public Health, told Wine Spectator in an email. “We aimed at testing if drinking patterns, measured in frequency, played a role in this association.”

Key points from the research:

  • Published in journal Diabetologia;
  • Data sourced from 2007 survey;
  • Those who spread their consumption out over three to four days per week showed a significantly lower diabetes risk

Other health benefits from drinking wine that have been reported in the past include reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. In addition — this just keeps getting better — some studies suggest wine can protect against several forms of cancer, and help promote stronger bones (cutting risk of osteoporosis) and sharper minds.

Bottoms up, indeed.

Head over to Wine Spectator for the article by Lexi Williams who writes, “having a few drinks spread out over the course of the week, and maintaining other healthy habits, might just help keep diabetes at bay.”

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