EdgeWalk CN Tower: Push your personal limits… if you dare (Video)

What's more intense than ascending Toronto's CN Tower? How about walking around it, outdoors, without rails or nets, some 1,168 ft. above ground?!

1,168 ft. up in the air I was about to test my personal limits.

I’ve gone skydiving, ziplining, hang gliding and scuba diving… and I would say this experience is, no doubt, the most intense (and spectacular) of all.

It’s called EdgeWalk. High up on the CN Tower, you spend 30 minutes walking the rim of the world’s 7th tallest free-standing structure. There’s no rails, no nets. Just two ropes secure you to a bar above which follows you as you make your way around the tower, above the city streets of Toronto.

Earlier I had presented at a conference for graphics designers. After spending much time indoors and on my laptop, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to clear the mind, push my personal limits, and spend time with family in the most interesting of circumstances.

In the above video you can see a preview of the Stark Insider EdgeWalk experience. Watch soon for the full video (tip: subscribe to the Stark Insider YouTube Channel for automatic email notifications).

If you ever find yourself in Toronto, I highly recommend not only a visit to the CN Tower, but the EdgeWalk. After all, a little fresh air and expansive views can’t be anything but good for us, right?

IN PHOTOS: EdgeWalk CN Tower

EdgeWalk CN Tower Video
Trying to act cool after safety training. I admit it. My heart was racing!
Loni Stark - EdgeWalk CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
Don’t try this at home.
CN Tower EdgeWalk
By the end of the walk we were feeling more confident. Our tour guide was fantastic.
Loni Stark and Wendy Kao
Smiling, but on the inside…
Clint, me and my sister.
Clint, me and my sister.
Clinton and Loni Stark walking CN Tower rim 2016
Proud that Clint overcame his lifelong fear of heights, at least for 30 minutes, to experience EdgeWalk.
Loni Stark - EdgeWalk CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
After “Toes over Toronto” we attempted the first real test. That’s the Skydome (Rogers Centre) way down below.

Clint Stark and my sister Wendy joined us for the open air walk. The night before we made a pact. Although Clint — with his life-long fear of heights — originally wanted to remain on the ground “with camera” he soon realized that it was moments like these that make life truly special.

EdgeWalk. CN Tower. 1,168 ft. above ground.

Safe to say this is an experience I won’t soon forget.

Stay tuned for the full Stark Insider EdgeWalk Experience, coming soon!

Until then, breathe in… breathe out. Smile. And as Clint did, keep telling yourself this can’t be real, “it must be just virtual reality.”

WATCH: EdgeWalk CN Tower with Loni Stark | Toronto, Canada

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