Forever Tango: The Art of the Tango (Video)

“Tango is something that you grow with.”

Luis Bravo’s show Forever Tango is surely the embodiment of a very personal journey. Born in Argentina, Bravo, who sat down with Stark Insider for a special interview, says that tango has to do with identity and culture. “It was a growing society without hierarchies,” he says, recounting Buenos Aeries and immigration in the late 19th century that brought an ethnic mix of immigrants pursuing not only jobs, but also their dreams.

Dmitry Chaplin and Anna Trebunskaya - Dancing with the Stars
With the amazingly talented (and patient!) Dmitry Chaplin and Anna Trebunskaya.

And… it may be easier than it looks. To dance the Tango is to master precise timing, and as Anna Trebunskaya of Dancing with the Stars tells me, “it’s all about communication and awareness of a partner.”

My partner in this backstage visit: none other than, Dmitry Chaplin, another extremely talented dancer who has been making us swoon on television, and in performances across the country.

If you’re around the San Francisco Bay Area, you can catch Forever Tango at the Herbst Theatre, where it is playing through the new year.

Luis Bravo Interview
Luis Bravo talks about the history of the Tango, and the hope it provided to immigrants arriving in Buenos Aires.
Herbst Theatre - San Francisco
Herbst Theatre: Looking beautiful as ever after a lovely remodel.

Watch as we learn the history of the tango, and then learn how to perform the famous “dip” move.

As for my red “dancing” shoes, well it may not be first choice for a performance, but, then again, when you’re dancing, sometimes you just roll with what you’ve got…

WATCH: Forever Tango: The Art of the Tango

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