Interview: Rob Thomas “Hold on Forever” + LITV concert highlights (Video)

In this Stark Insider video feature, legendary singer-songwriter Rob Thomas performs an acoustic set at Sutter Home Wines and then sits down with Loni Stark for an unpredictable, entertaining discussion. Shot at Live in the Vineyard.

One of the (many) highlights from the fall edition of the bi-annual Live in the Vineyard music festival was the energetic set by none other than Rob Thomas.

The hits kept on coming during the infectious, catchy 40-minute performance: “Real World,” “3AM,” “Bent,” among so many favorites (watch above video for concert highlights). The Matchbox Twenty frontman and two-time Grammy winner appeared to be enjoying the easy-going atmosphere, often kibitzing with the audience (who won access to the intimate performance via radio contests across the country).

At one point Thomas recounted a story about how he used to write “cheesy” Lionel Richie cover songs to get the girls in college. It worked, he said. The jocks always passed out. “‘Wanna hear a song?’ I’d ask.” Those early college days made way for a hugely successful — and widely acclaimed —  career, now some twenty years in the making.

The crowd, enjoying wine and Napa eats on a gorgeous, sunny Napa day, happily sang along and cheered repeatedly with approval. Thomas did wonder aloud at one point why the crowd was allowed to drink wine at noon, while he had to show restraint (at least until later).

Rob Thomas’ third solo album, The Great Unknown, was released this summer, and quickly charted in the top 10 on the Billboard 200.

Loni Stark was on location to catch the show. Later, Thomas sat down with her to talk music, the industry and the inspiration behind his latest single “Hold on Forever”.

And, would this be Stark Insider if sushi were not somehow involved…?

Watch: Rob Thomas – Live in the Vineyard @ Sutter Home Winery

Shot at the Live in the Vineyard music festival at the Sutter Homes Winery. With Loni Stark in Napa.

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