Wanderlust: Sausalito Art Festival via Ferry (Video)

It may be pushing our definition of Wanderlust these days, given this event took place almost smack dab in our backyard, just over the Golden Gate. So I decided to throw in a twist, and take the ferry. That would add (even more) scenic beauty to an otherwise rote drive North across the bridge.

Destination: the Sausalito Art Festival.

Now in its 63rd year the annual event is the anti-thesis of small: 260 artists all told, some having flown in from across the world. White tents sprawl across the lawns next to the waterfront. It’s a sight to behold. Fortunately, the mood on this — hot, sunny — day was relaxed and friendly. And why not? It was the labor day weekend, and we were surrounded by beautiful vistas, and stunning art, with plenty of food and beverage offerings on hand.

Sausalito Art Festival
The scene at the Sausalito Art Festival. A long weekend artistic escape.

My plan was to park along the Embarcadero, saunter down to the Ferry building, and hop on a ferry to Sausalito. Parking turned out to be easier than expected. And, as always, the marketplace at the Ferry is a wonderful place to be, what with the energy from the eager tourists, and the whimsical culinary choices. The ferry takes about half an hour. It’s well operated, and a much larger boat (ship?) than I anticipated.

As you can see in this video — yes, Clint followed my with his Canon camera yet again! — the heat kind of got the best of me. On our return trip I sat in the lower level zonked out as the Pacific spray lapped the side of the ferry. Later, there was only one way to cap the incredible day: a scoop of delectable Humphry Slocombe ice cream. Hit. The. Spot.

Works by several acclaimed artists can be seen in this video including stunning hand-made figures by Joan Rasmussen (Atlanta); the marionettes can be seen in this video hanging around when I first arrive at the festival.

Call of the sea!

Call of the Sea Tall Ship - Sausalito Art Festival
Doing my part at Call of the Sea’s educational tall ship — the first to be built in the Bay Area in 100 years.

At the festival entrance was an intriguing tall ship under construction. The 120-foot historic schooner was available for tours. We carefully navigated around the site, being careful to balance on narrow ladders as we ascended to the main deck. I even helped contribute to its construction! The ship is inspired by the Brigantine “Galilee” and will become a “floating classroom” for children when completed.

Humphry Slocombe ice cream at the Ferry Building in San Francisco
Humphry Slocombe. Say no more.

On this day, FitBit was happy too — I doubled my daily goal.

In true Stark Insider style (thanks to Clint), for better and worse, this was my day at the Sausalito Art Festival…

WATCH: Sausalito Art Festival with Loni Stark

Loni Stark
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