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AGF: Vent Shell for iPhone

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars - 'Sweet Stuff'
Price: 29.99
Snug fit, rubber-like texture feels good in the hands, perforation provides breath-ability and enhances grip.
Early signs of wear after 3 weeks of use, made worse by the face that the underlying material is white.
"Sweet Stuff"
Well-made case for the iPhone, available in pleasing, understated colors. Worth a look, but wear and tear could be an issue.
Review by Loni Stark

Normally I’m not one for smartphone cases; especially considering the beautifully crafted iPhone 4S. It’s a shame really that all that gorgeous design out of Cupertino be covered up by plastic. Besides, isn’t boldly flogging the Apple logo at Starbucks the eternal rite of the nouveau cliche?

However, ever since my previous iPhone performed a stunning face plant onto the driveway — reviews were positively smashing — I’ve been reconsidering. I’m not so sure this Vent Shell by AGF will prevent a repeat performance. But I’m confident it will reduce scratches and minimize the potential for cracked glass.

AGF sent me a metallic red shell case ($29.99, also available in metallic purple, white, clear and black; compatible with Verizon, AT&T) and though I was reluctant at first I’ve now been using it for over 3 weeks. During that time I’ve been to Paris, London, New York and with a few stops in the Mid-West just for globe-trotting, jet lag inducing good measure. All the while the iPhone gets a major league workout- like a lot (all) of you it’s an essential productivity tool, and it keeps me connected to customers and colleagues 7/24. Not once did the case loosen, or detract from the iPhone’s use.

The poly-carbonate finish has a rubberized quality that feels comfortable. It’s grippy, and somewhat allays my fears of another slip from my hands. Up close, the cutouts for the various ports and camera are precise, with no obvious flaws.

I’m not about to remove this case any time soon, but there’s one caveat: it doesn’t appear to be aging well. Wear around the edges, as you can see in these photos, reveals a white layer beneath:

That’s unfortunate. Regardless, I’m not overly concerned as the price is right (you can find it also available from $9.99-16.99 depending on the model/color). If I can get 12-18 months use, them I’m fine with replacing it with a shiny new version. Those who are looking for something robust, will be looking at a more durable product.

Tip: if you want a real deal on this case, I found a pair of them on Amazon for only $4.

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