ElliptiGO: Intensive cross-training on flat terrain
ElliptiGO: Intensive cross-training on flat terrain

Whistle why you work! ElliptiGO have announced a bike that combines the motion of an indoor elliptical trainer with the functionality of a bicycle. In their words: “the goal is to deliver a high-performance workout experience that closely mimics running outdoors while eliminating the impact.”

Three different models are available (black, green, orange), designed for a variety of terrain and fitness levels. Each provides from 3 to 11 gears of resistance to enable the rider to generate speeds up to 25mph on flat land and climb hills up to a 30% grade.

We’re told pricing runs from$1,799 to $3,499 and the bikes are available at over 300 retailers.

In addition to using it outdoors as a bike, you can also mount it indoors and use it as a stationary elliptical, just as you might find at your local gym. Each model features a removable or folding steering column and a removable front wheel for easy storage and transport.

One key point repeated in ElliptiGO’s pitch is “impact free.” Could this be a knee-friendly alternative to running, or it is just a brightly colored gimmick?

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