BATS Imrprov. Killing someone is always more fun when you make it up as you go along.

Isn’t murder best when improvised? (should we insert OJ reference here, or would that be so-so tired, and done with?)

Better still, wouldn’t it make for an entertaining evening if even the actors didn’t know who-dunnit? That’s the premise behind the latest production from BATS Improv, the largest and longest-running improv theatre and school in Northern California. Appropriately called Improvised Murder Mystery, the name is about the only thing we’re told you’ll know going in to the show.

You — that innocent of innocent audience member — will, of course, have the honor of choosing the murder weapon and the scene of the crime. Then follow along as they meet the eccentric residents and guests of the manor, uncovering deadly motives and shocking secrets.

Improvised Murder Mystery is one of BATS most popular shows, so we’re convinced you’ll enjoy this “hilarious, thrilling, and completely improvised” tale of murder.

Founded in 1986 BATS is based out of the Bayfront Theater in Fort Mason, San Francisco near Magic Theatre, a Stark Insider favorite haunt.

Now if only we could figure out what “BATS” stands for…

Improvised Murder Mystery

BATS Improv

When: Saturdays, May 5, 12, 19, and 26 at 8PM


Tickets: $17 general admission, $20 at the door