Holiday Ice Rink at Union Square

UPDATE: Last night a crowd of more than 500 attended the second annual Drag Queens on Ice at the Union Square rink. We’ve included some photos below of the fun event, which featured performances by Mutha Chucka, Anna Conda and Lil Miss Hot Mess.

Holiday Ice Rink at Union Square

Union Square may just be the most wonderful place in San Francisco to spend the most wonderful time this weekend.

Once again, the city’s most popular shopping destination has been transformed into¬†a holiday themed ice park. Here are some photos of revelers enjoying a night time skate.

Is this picturesque or what?!

Holiday Ice Rink at Union Square

The ice rink runs through January 16, and is open daily from 10 a.m. Р11:30 p.m. Regular admission tickets are $10 and tickets for children eight years old and under are $6. Ice skate and hockey skate rentals are $5.

Tips for Ice Skating

Click here to read up on some simple ice skating tips that will give you a head start, including:

Practice Falling From a Standstill Position
Learn how to stop

How to stop when skating backwards

Just remember… when in doubt, grab your date or significant other as if your life depended on it. It’s all cozy and romantic, until you land on your “funny” bone.

Note: We’re assuming shopping advice is not required…

You’ll be glad to know you’re supporting a good cause too, as a portion of ticket proceeds benefit Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco and the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.

Holiday Ice Rink at Union Square

Holiday Ice Rink at Union Square

Bonus: Drag Queens on Ice

Drag Queens on Ice

Mutha Chucka

Anna Conda

Lil Miss Hot Mess

Mutha Chucka

[Photos: Jerry Yim]